Welcome to the FashionAveMom Shop

Welcome to the FashionAveMom Shop! We make it our goal to bring you a curated collection of must have items for the fashionable moms and little ones!

The FashionAveMom brand started as a blog for moms by Vanessa Grbic. Her past in the fashion industry led her to create FashionAveMom once she became a mom with her first daughter. “When we started the shop I had such a hard time finding products. I was very picky with what I bought for my own children that I found I was the same way when choosing items for the store. I make it a point to only choose items that I would use and importantly have my own kids use. I like to think that I’m very selective when curating our collections. I want only the best for my own kids and costumers so that’s why it’s a must to me to choose each item that we sell”. Every item in our shop has the mommy approval!   

Vanessa comes from an extensive career in fashion from working at the top fashion magazines to working in costumes in the most coveted fashion films and tv shows. She uses her keen eye and scenes of style to edit only the best items for the FashionAveMom Shop. Motherhood can already be very stressful so why add more stress with finding unique items for moms and little ones?Let us show you a range of beautiful products that any mom and little one would enjoy! Happy Shopping!

Lots of Love & Cheers!

The FAM Team


Vanessa Grbic

Vanessa is the founder of FashionAveMom, LLC. The arrival of her first born daughter Ava in August 2013 and her new journey through motherhood was the inspiration for Vanessa to follow her dreams in a new way.  After years of experience in the fashion industry as a fashion designer and as a shopper for many films and T.V. shows, Vanessa decided that she wanted to gear her talents in a new way. Vanessa started FashionAveMom blog in hopes to create a space to inspire moms to look and feel their best while enjoying the journey of motherhood.

When the opportunity came to expand the brand by adding a FashionAveMom Shop, Vanessa knew this was the perfect next step! She loves to use the skills she gained from the fashion industry to curate a wonderful collection for FashionAveMom Shop each season.